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Almost as if nothing ever happened…

Athena: HeroQuest sucks

JW: Good evening to you too.

Athena: It’s a children’s game for childish people.

JW: Cool!

Athena: Some co-workers and I started a game group but all they want to play is HeroQuest. It sucks.

JW: We should trade friends! At my game club they play Carnegie. Looks convoluted and dry. No dice.

Athena: Carnegie sucks.

JW: Woah. I guess this wasn’t the best time to re-open our office. I thought with me clean from medication, and you landing a regular 9 to 5 job -

Athena: My new job sucks.

JW: - we probably could work on the website once again. Have you seen any interesting games lately? At one table at our game club they were playing Merchants of the Dark Road. I almost ordered it, it’s so pretty! 😍 But it’s also expensive, and I should stop buying games just for their good looks. Now that the blinged version of The Castles of Burgundy is doing well on Gamefound, I may start looking for a second-hand copy of the previous edition. At least that one looks crappy.

Athena (obviously not listening): What is that?

JW: What?

Athena (pointing): That!

JW: Ah! I figured you woudn’t have time to grab a bite on your way to our office, after work. So I cooked you a simple meal. Fried rice, veggie chicken and satay sauce.

Athena: It looks like shit. (takes a small bite) It tastes like shit

JW: … Eh?

Athena (clarifying): The food sucks.

JW: Eh. Well. Yes. Anyway. It’s good to be back. I’m looking forward to discussing games again, and writing posts, and enjoying each other’s company!

Athena: You suck.



Hi, it's the Real Athena™ here! Just to let you know I was not involved in the writing of this post in any way. I suck.

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