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Aliens: Butthurt

The latest game in my collection is Aliens: Bug Hunt. You play as characters from the Aliens film, trying to complete missions, while Xenomorphs close in on you. The aliens are represented by custom dice. Let me repeat that: the aliens are represented by custom dice!!!

Aliens turn order cards
Aliens turn order cards

I am a huge fan of the films and Legendary Encounters: Aliens (also by Upper Deck) has been in my top-3 of games for years now. Just looking at the quotes on the aliens turn order cards puts a big smile on my face in anticipation.

Vasquez: "Let's rock!"

Yeah, baby. Let's do this!

How does it play. Let's see. There are four rulebooks, each covering part of set up and gameplay. All four of us get right into character and will have to start acting as a team, as no one has complete information. Not even for set up. So ehm, as a solo player, you'll have to start reading four-handed.

Four rulebooks

After the game is set up, it's good to know what a turn looks like.

Communication Specialist, what are our options? You can move and then take an action. Oh cool, what kind of action? You can shoot Xenomorphs, capture a mission objective, breach a barrier or reload. Got it. I'd like to shoot.

Explanation of actions