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Alexa, question Mayor Alvez!

"Someone's been murdered in the small town of St. Noire. The killer dumped the body in the Town Square before vanishing into the night. Leaving no witnesses, no prints and no clues as to where the murder actually happened. As the detective assigned to the case, it's your job to find out who did it".

St. Noire is an Amazon Alexa-powered game you can play solo or with others. Alexa provides the dialogues -performed by professional actors- and you have to ask the suspects questions, find the murder location and the crime weapon, and of course, in the end, who dunnit.

The board game components are: a board that displays the various town buildings, a deck of cards that shows the suspects and a small set of weapon tokens. The game takes place over 7 rounds (nights). Each night you can perform three actions: ask questions, examine a location or accuse a suspect. If you accuse the wrong person twice, you lose the game. You also lose if you haven't found the correct suspect by the end of the 7th night.

For the time being, St. Noire is only available in the US but it will be released in more countries in the near future.

Image source: BGG

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