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Monumental: African Empires is live (African Empires added to Monumental)

Update: Monumental: African Empires has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 19 days. You may back just the African Empires or go all-in for Monumental and both its expansions.

Our preview post below was published on June 11.


African Empires is an upcoming expansion for the 1-4 player deck building and civilization game Monumental. It will launch on Kickstarter on June 15.

Image source: Funforge Facebook page

In the solo mode of Monumental, you select one of the available civilizations (Egyptian, Greek, Viking, Chinese or Japanese) to play as, and another as your opponent. At the start of the game, you draw 9 cards from your deck and arrange them in a 3x3 grid. Then, on each turn, you pick one row and one column to activate. These cards will give you currency to purchase new cards from the market and add them to your deck. You may also move soldiers or explorers on the map and gain the associated resources.

The AI has its own deck of cards from which you will be drawing two each turn, and execute their instructions. For example, the AI may take cards from the market, build monuments, or gain money. At the end of the game, you calculate points for yourself and the artificial opponent based on how well you did in the cultural, architectural and military domain.

Image source: Screenshot from Mike DiLisio's solo gameplay video

Besides the African Empires, all previously released content for the game will be available during the Kickstarter campaign.

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