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Aeon's End: Outcasts is live (Aeon's Endless)

And the mystery guest turned out to be... (surprise!) Xaxos. He's bad. He's back. Together with Z'hana - will they be able to save us? Aeon's End: Outcasts, the new standalone expansion to deckbuilder Aeon's End, has launched on Kickstarter today. The campaign will run for 23 days and the game will hopefully be delivered in August.

As usual, the base pledge consists of the new standalone box, a small expansion (Return to Gravehold) and a box with stretch goals (Southern Village). You'll have to pay extra for dividers and extra crystals and sparks for quick set-up. Other pledge levels include previous content, or you can mix and match in the Pledge Manager after the campaign.

Our announcement below was published on 3 February.


It's like clockwork. Tomorrow there will be another Kickstarter campaign for another Aeon's End standalone expansion. March 2017: War Eternal. February 2018: Legacy. February 2019: The New Age. February 2020 will bring us Aeon's End: Outcasts.

Image source: Kickstarter campaign

Aeon's End has a nice twist on other deckbuilders in that you don't shuffle your player cards, which means you can plan ahead. It makes up for this by randomizing the turn order. You keep shuffling that small deck incessantly.

Outcasts will continue the story that started in Legacy, with an expedition deck like the one in The New Age. This means you will unlock the new cards, mages and nemeses gradually while progressing through the story, opening envelopes etc. After that, the content can be freely mixed with any other boxes you own, for one-off sessions or with the expedition mode, fighting a series of gradually stronger nemeses.

First reports from playtesters have us believe this expansion will bring very interesting (and hard) nemeses, plus a new play mechanic where you can dump charges off your mages to a (for now) mystery guest that will then use them to unleash some completely random and hopefully well timed beneficial powers.

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