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Aeon's End Tamed

While punching Aeon's End: New Age I found a mysterious player token. Wild. Wild?

I like playing Aeon's End three handed. For the turn order deck, you put in one card for each player plus a "Wild" turn order card. When this wildcard is drawn, players (me) decide which mage will take the turn. This adds a nice, small tactical element to the game. Good fun!

But now. In The New Age a "wild token" is added. You give it to one of the three mages. When the wild card is drawn, that mage takes an extra turn. Just like that. Then the token goes to the mage on its left. A bit like how you play Warhammer Quest the Adventure Card Game with three characters: Party Leader has an extra turn, turns over the token for the next round. Except in that game turn order is not randomized, so you can still use it a little to your advantage.

Let's see what fun element they'll take out in the next installment.

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