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Adventures in Neverland is live

Adventures in Neverland is a 2-4 players cooperative/competitive narrative-driven game, playable solo by controlling multiple characters. It has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 28 days. The pledge options include: the Retail version of the game (standees), the Deluxe Kickstarter edition (minis), and either of these with the addition of 6 boosters (one extra story per character).

Image source: BGG

Adventures in Neverland is set in the world of Peter Pan. It comes with six characters you can play as, among them Captain Hook, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. In the cooperative mode, you win if the characters fulfill the objective of their shared story. Each character has abilities that they can upgrade over the course of the game, and slots for items they carry in their journey. On each turn, a character can move on the island board and interact with the story provided by cards.

Each character has a deck of cards that provides their personal storyline (or a shared one in co-op, as mentioned) and the challenges they have to face to progress it. Besides the main story, characters can pursue sidequests and resolve happenings (draw a card from the Happenings deck when they enter a new location). A new sidequest comes out on the board each turn, and when the sidequest deck runs out, the game ends.

Image source: BGG
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