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A Touch of Evil in FFP's warehouse

If you happen to have pre-ordered Flying Frog Productions' cooperative/competitive adventure game A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game from your local store over a year ago, you may now rest assured that you will receive it (relatively) soon. The company announced that they have the 10 Year Anniversary Edition in their warehouse, and it is possible to order it from their website, along with a pack of 15 cards (called Dark Revelations) for the Something Wicked expansion. If you don't reside in the US, you may check if your local store has the game on pre-order.

Image source: Flying Frog Productions Facebook page

In A Touch of Evil, you are playing as a monster hunter, trying to rid a 19th century village of the supernatural villain that plagues it. Over the course of the game, you will be visiting the village Elders to discover what their intentions are: one of them is siding with the villain, another is a coward who doesn't want to fight, others are neutral. When you are ready to face the dark force, you may bring up to two Elders to assist your hunting party. As per standard FFP fare, A Touch of Evil is a lightweight dice chucker aimed at fans of fun, thematic games.

The 10 Year Anniversary Edition offers plastic pieces in place of cardboard markers, some plastic terrain, a new version of the Spectral Horseman villain, as well as all the villains that had been created for the game in the last 12 years.

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Stephanos Kolovos
Stephanos Kolovos
2020년 5월 08일

Thanks Athena for the great news :) !


ATOE is a crazy & solid adventure experience which u can play it again & again, never disappoints.

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