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Frosthaven is live (A new Haven in the Frost)

Update: Frosthaven is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 31 days. There are three pledge options: 1) just the game. 2) a bundle that includes the game, the solo scenarios, the removable stickers, and the Forteller app narration. 3) all-in, which means everything from the aforementioned bundle plus a Broken Token insert and 60 metal coins.

Image source: Kickstarter page

You may also add Gloomhaven and its parafernalia to your pledge too.

Our preview post below was published on March 20.


If all goes well, given the coronavirus circumstances, Frosthaven, Isaac Childres' sequel to Gloomhaven, will launch on Kickstarter on March 31.

Image source: BGG

This is a standalone expansion to Gloomhaven and will be equally large in content: around 100 scenarios and 16 character classes (six starting characters). If you have played Gloomhaven, you can bring over your favourite characters but they have to start anew.

Image source: (Frosthaven Preview PAX Unplugged 2019)

The characters in Frosthaven are more complex. For example, the Bannerspear (Human) attacks by positioning her allies in specific ways. The Necromancer (Aesther) summons an army of undead but loses health in the process. The Deathwalker (Valrath) uses 'shadow tokens' and attacks from the position of the token as if she was there. Geminate (Harrower) is a creature with two forms and has two decks of cards which you use depending on the active form (one is melee, the other ranged).

Cards from the Necromancer's deck. (Image source: (Frosthaven Preview PAX Unplugged 2019))

You will be spending more time in Town in Frosthaven, constructing buildings and crafting items. Seasons will also affect gameplay, as when winter comes, you will need to spend more resources and enemy attacks will be harsher.

It is not yet known if there will be a standee version available besides the minis one. During the Kickstarter campaign, Gloomhaven will also be on offer together with other Gloomhaven extras. An insert for Frosthaven and an app with narration by Forteller will be available as add-ons.

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20 mar 2020

Instead of March 24, the Kickstarter will launch on March 31.

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