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Lasting Tales is live (A Fantasy Quest system)

Update: Lasting Tales has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 20 days. You may back the hardcover book, or the Fantasy Series 2 miniatures, or both. You may also go for the book and both Fantasy Series 1 and 2 minis. Backers of the campaign will get a small discount if they order terrain from Black Site Studios.

Our preview post below was published on March 24.


Lasting Tales is a book of rules and scenarios for a 1-5 player cooperative skirmish miniatures game. It contains instructions for the creation and activation of heroes which you can send to fight monsters in a fantasy world. You may use your own minis and scenery, or purchase the miniatures offered by Blacklist Games (Fantasy Series 1 and 2) and the terrain offered by their partner, Black Site Studios. It will launch on Kickstarter on March 30.

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Lasting Tales can be played as a narrative campaign with a specific end goal, or as randomly generated scenarios which you may or may not link together. You will start with level 1 heroes, and, at the end of each game, you will upgrade them with the experience they earned. You may have them visit a Town in between scenarios, and roll on a chart to see what events take place there. The game comes with six pre-generated characters you can choose from, but you can also follow the rules for character creation if you prefer to make your own.

Regardless of whether you are playing with the Blacklist Games monster minis or any you may already have, the system comes with rules on how to integrate them depending on the strength level of the heroes. At the start of the game, each hero will have a certain number of Fate points. These can be spent to re-roll failed tests, or to revive themselves in case they die. Like the heroes, enemies will have either melee or ranged attacks, and may acquire more abilities if the scenario allows it.

Image source: BGG

The basic outline of the gameplay is this: you send your party of heroes out to explore, search for treasure, fight monsters, and interact with objectives. Random events will also affect the course of a session. All tests will be resolved by rolling two regular 6-sided dice and adding a hero's stat (melee or ranged attack value, agility, etc.) to the result.

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