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A Couple of Grumpies

I contacted JW the other day, to discuss which game we will choose for September's Solitaire Select. We ended up going through the list of Kickstarter projects, dismissing every single one of them like a pair of Michelin chefs reading a McDonald's menu.

JW: Dawn of Madness? Story-driven horror.

Me: Too horrifying.

JW: Isofarian Guard. Narrative drivel... Zzzzzzz

Me: Zzzzzzz

JW: Aeon Trespass. Narrative drivel campaign.

Me: Not too keen on ancient sci-fi.

JW: Moonflight? I wasn't really convinced about the solo mode when we met the designer at UKGE.

Me: Me neither.

Me: How about the Obsession expansion?

JW: I backed the base game in the first campaign. But I haven't played it yet. So I really shouldn't.

JW: Ah! A Universal Truth!

Me: Meh.

JW: Just admit it.

Me: Admit what? I don't care about Jane Austen.

JW: Why doesn't the Shores of Tripoli look a bit like Searovers? Those huge wooden blocks! Anyway, how is the solo game?

Me: Not sure. Someone's playtesting it still.

JW: Astroforce. I think the artwork looks stupid. And I already have Star Trek: The dice game.

Me: It does look bad!

JW: Deliverance. Isn't it the Christian game?

Me: Yes. (...)

JW: You should own a religious game though, my Orthodox friend. Me: I only liked A.D. 30, where you play Jesus. And then lose, heh.

JW: Forgotten Chambers. Forget it.

Me: Pffffff. They can't even speak English.

Me: The expansion to Donning the Purple?

JW: That game is too hard. Unlike with Space Hulk: Death Angel, I don't enjoy it beating me down.

Me: I suppose you won't back Valkyrie?

JW: No Valkyrie for me, no. Three other DVG campaigns before the end of this year. I'll skip the battlemechs.

Me: So we don't like anything in September?


JW: I will back Orchard, that will be the most expensive nine cards ever.

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