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Bullet♥︎ is live (A Bullet to the heart)

Bullet♥︎ is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 29 days. You may back either the standard edition of the game or the one with upgraded (wooden) bullet tokens. If you back in the first 72 hours, you get a poster for free.

Our preview post below was published on May 14.


Bullet♥︎ is a 1-4 player competitive/cooperative puzzle game in which female heroines join forces against an evil boss (co-op) or fight against each other. It is planned to launch on Kickstarter on May 19.

Image source: snapshot from a Level 99 gameplay video

In the competitive mode of the game, you start with 10 bullets in your bag and four pattern cards. On each turn, you will be drawing bullets and placing them in the corresponding slots on your board, eg. a number 3 bullet will go three slots down from the top. If a bullet ever hits the bottom, you take damage. As bullets get placed on the board, you will try to form the patterns shown on your cards in order to move bullets from your board to the opponent. To form the patterns, you will spend action points that let you move the bullets up and down or left and right. Gameplay happens in real time, with players taking actions simultaneously and ending their turns as fast as possible, because the player who finishes their turn first gets to snatch a bonus tile.

Image source: snapshot from a Level 99 gameplay video

In the cooperative mode of Bullet♥︎, the characters will be fighting against the boss version of another character (eg. the evil side of Esfir Volkova is The Fanged Sun). To defeat the boss, you have to break her shields. A shield breaks when you deliver a certain number of bullets to the boss (the number depends on how many characters you play). The boss also has pattern cards that you ideally have to complete each round. If the round ends without you having formed the pattern, you get the negative effect written on the boss card.

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2 Kommentare

14. Mai 2020

Oh! You have every reason to skip this, yes. You can always get it at retail later.

Gefällt mir

I love Level 99 games but Empyreal Spells and Steam was over a year late and I'm still waiting for Battlecon and millennium Blades KS, so I've lost all faith in their ability to meet any sort of schedule. Pass on this just for that reason.

Gefällt mir
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