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9-card City Planner

City Planner is a 9-9-9 1-2 player nano-game (9 cards, 9 cubes, 9 dice) in which you decide in which city district to place your dice in order to gain the most income. It will launch on Kickstarter on November 2, alongside two other 9-9-9 nano-games (Empire and Railways).

Image source: Kickstarter preview

To set up the game, you place the 7 cards showing various district types on the table, arranging them in a grid: 2 at the bottom, 3 in the middle, 2 at the top. The 8th card is used as a money and score tracker, and the 9th card is used as a score tracker in a 2-player game. Then, you roll 7 of your 9 dice and place each of them on each of the cards. The 8th and the 9th dice work as a timer. The game lasts for 8 rounds and your goal in the solo mode is to beat your best score.

Each district type on the cards has a different function. The residential areas give you victory points, the commercial buildings give you money, the industrial spaces increase the money produced in commercial areas, and the cultural buildings increase the victory points you gain from the residential areas. In mixed areas (half-residential half-commercial) you can choose to gain either VP or money. The City Hall and the Parking Lot offer different bonuses as well.

Image source: Kickstarter preview

In every round, you choose one type of district to be blocked and mark it with a cube. In the following round, you will be forced to use that district. The dice that you rolled and placed on the associated districts can be manipulated by spending money (spend 1 money to increase or decrease a die value by one). In this way, you can move dice into different districts on their cards in order to gain the most points or money when you add them up.

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