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5-Minute Mystery funded in... almost 5 minutes

The real-time co-op deduction game 5-Minute Mystery is live on Kickstarter. It almost funded in 5 minutes as well, but the servers were a bit busy because of the simultaneous launch of The Great Wall. The two popular campaigns caused time-outs and some frustration for people that tried to get the early birds.

The campaign will be on for another 22 days, so now that the rush is over, let's see what we have. Nope, time-outs again.

I did make a screenshot:

Image source: Kickstarter page

If I remember correctly, it goes something like this:

  1. you set the timer

  2. read some special rules for the case

  3. go looking for clues on scene cards

  4. if you find hidden symbols, you put them on the thingamajig

  5. once you found them all, you get a clue

  6. you use this clue to rule out suspects

  7. quick, go back to #3

  8. until you know who did it, or time's up

Return backers of 5-Minute Dungeon or its expansion will get a free upgrade to the Mastermind edition, that has extra cases and stuff.

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