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47 games launching on Kickstarter in 2021

Welcome to our annual solo games on Kickstarter compilation! This list features solitaire and soloable games expected to launch on Kickstarter in 2021, and can also be found in my Sifting through Kickstarter thread in the 1 Player Guild. Feel free to notify me of any games I may have omitted.

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1. Maeshowe: an Orkney Saga. Lee Broderick. 1-2 players. Description: 'Players will free themselves from the Tomb of Maeshowe once they've removed enough rubble blocking their escape'. 2. Darwin's Journey. Simone Luciani, Nestore Mangone. 1-4 players. Description: 'A worker-placement Eurogame in which players recall Charles Darwin's memories of his adventure through the Galapagos islands, which contributed to the development of his theory of evolution'. 3. Pingyao: First Chinese Banks. Wu Shuang. 1-4 players. Description: 'An economic dice-as-workers placement game in which players assume the role of famous Jin Merchants in the Qing Dynasty'. 4. Fallen Land: Descendants. Jon Lonngren, Sean Cahill. 1-6 players. Description: An expansion for Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game. 5. Tinners' Trail. Martin Wallace. 1-5 players. Description: 'You represent a mining conglomerate at the height of the tin and copper mining industry'. 6. Primal: The Awakening. Tommaso Mondadori, Alberto Parisi. 1-4 players. Description: 'A fully cooperative monster hunting miniature boardgame set in a fantasy world where humans struggle to survive an untamed wilderness'.

7. Core Worlds: Empires. Christopher Guild, Andrew Parks. 1-5 players.

Description: 'Six independent kingdoms seek to consolidate their power, each hoping to carve out the strongest dominion in the cosmos. Conflicts among the young realms are inevitable, but will the galaxy return to a state of civil war?'

8. Eternal Palace. Steven Aramini. 1-5 players.

Description: 'You are a loyal worker and skilled artist who has pledged to help the Emperor rebuild his palace after a devastating earthquake so that you may gain his favor'.

9. Lawklivya: Vengeance. Brandon Gentle. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Your goal is to survive the ongoing assault of your castles by different enemies'.

10. Ravage: Swamps of Delgor. Ian Schofield. 1-5 players.

Description: 'A dungeon crawl game in which you play as Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls, and Kobolds of the Blackroot clan'.

11. Long Shot: The Dice Game. Chris Handy. 1-8 players.

Description: 'You strategize and push your luck as the action unfolds in a tense race of 8 horses'.

12. Mechanical Beast. Ben Morayta. 1-4 players.

Description: 'You play as an exploration party of engineers who, together with your android helper, must explore the belly of a giant robot to find its control room and deactivate it'.

13. Paper Company. Brent Keath. 1-6 players.

Description: 'Run your very own paper company branch, while navigating the shifting economy, hiring employees, and maintaining your branch's morale'.

14. Dice Theme Park. Adrian Adamescu, Daryl Andrews. 1-6 players.

Description: 'A dice manipulation board game, all about creating and running your own park of fairground attractions'.

15. The Great Northern Trading Company, 1670. Jon Lonngren, Sean Cahill. 1-5 players.

Description: 'A commodity driven worker placement game set in the Hudson Bay area in 1670s'.

16. Rome & Roll: Gladiators. Nick Shaw, David Turczi. 1-4 players.

Description: An expansion for Rome & Roll.

17. Billionaire Rumour. N/A. 1-5 players.

Description: 'A strategic dice betting game. You are a dead person, playing the tables in the Soul Casino'.

18. Lands of Galzyr. Sami Laakso, Seppo Kuukasjärvi. 1-4 players.

Description: 'The game is set in Daimyria, the same world as both the Dale of Merchants series and Dawn of Peacemakers. Go adventuring with both familiar and new animalfolks!'

19. Agemonia. Max Wikström. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Live your destiny, and become the mightiest of unlikely heroes — or even the most despicable of villains — in this unforgettable adventure!'

20. 1815, Scum of the Earth. Tristan Hall. 1-2 players.

Description: 'Each player, as either the Duke of Wellington or Napoleon, musters troops and resources to overcome the various obstacles in their path before their armies clash in an epic battle over three farms forward of the ridge at Waterloo'.

21. Helionox: Chronicles. Taran Lewis Kratz. 1-4 players.

Description: 'In the distant future, terrible events plague the solar system against the backdrop of a slowly dying sun. Players act cooperatively as the Architects of the future, vying for influence against the Shadow Syndicate'.

22. Quantum Shock. Marc Ripoll. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A scifi horror boardgame with modular map tiles, cards, dice, amazing miniatures and a powerful narrative campaign'.

23. Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices. Enrica Fincati, Francesco Simioni. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Take control of several heroes arriving to assist the city-state of Yamashiro, a land destroyed by the quest for the Unseen, and help the city survive its grim destiny'.

24. Hoplomachus: Victorum. Josh Carlson, Adam Carlson. 1 player.

Description: 'The game uses CTG's acclaimed combat system from the Hoplomachus games, adding new twists with a focus on heroes and campaign play'.

25. Weather Machine. Vital Lacerda. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Players are executives from different companies interested in selling the weather machine services from Lighting Technologies. They are trying to achieve the most contracts to increase their company's value'.

26. Thorngate Tower. Robert Foyster. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Players ascend an abandoned tower filled with demonic creatures in this post-apocalyptic fantasy-style game, in order to demonstrate that they are worthy of representing the leaders of Thorngate out in the wilderness'.

27. Three Sisters. Ben Pinchback, Matt Riddle. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A backyard farming roll and write'.

28. Deep Shelf. Richard Keene. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Players take on the role of competing corporations seeking to find and develop resource nodes, extract rare earth metals, transport them to the surface and research the unexplored deepest reaches of the ocean'.

29. Exile. Ryan Laukat. 1-4 players.

Description: 'You and up to three friends compete to best rebuild your ancestral village and guide the rest of the villagers on their journey home'.

30. Florence. Dean Morris, David Turczi. 1-5 players. Description: 'A Euro-style area control game in which the regions you want to hold change each round as the Medici move around the city attending various functions'. 31. Bloodstones. Martin Wallace, David Turczi, Nick Shaw. 1-6 players. Description: 'A fantasy wargame featuring six different races, each with their own specific powers'. 32. Tabannusi: Builders of Ur. David Spada, Daniele Tascini. 1-4 players. Description: 'Set in ancient Mesopotamia, a cradle of civilization, at a time when the location of Ur was a coastal region, players work to build the Great City of Ur, expand its districts, and establish themselves as powerful builders'. 33. Soul Raiders. Marc André. 1-4 players. Description: 'Are you ready, young apprentice, to forfeit any hope for glory, wealth, and the tranquillity of an ordinary life? Embark for a mysterious and breathtaking journey, full of thrilling adventures and stunning revelations... Join the Soul Raiders'. 34. CoraQuest. Dan Hughes, Cora Hughes. 1-4 players. Description: 'A cooperative family game where you play a party of heroes looking for treasure and adventure in a deep dark dungeon'. 35. Agents of SMERSH: Epic Edition. Christopher Batarlis, Jason Maxwell. 1-4 players. Description: 'Players take on the roles of Elite Government Spies traveling the world in search of Dr. Lobo and his Henchmen on an EPIC mission to stop them from taking over the world'. 36. Materia Prima: The Inquisition Expansion. Florian Pfab. 1-6 players. Description: An expansion for Materia Prima: The Alchemists Guild. 37. Terraforming Mars The Dice Game. Jacob Fryxelius. 1-? players. Description: 'This is the Dice version of Terraforming Mars'. 38. Silicon Saga: Wreck of the Andromeda. Matthew Houston. 1-4 players. Description: 'A sci-fi dungeon crawl/exploration game set aboard the floating wreck of a space research station. Players take on the roles of members of a crew of space marauders looking to strip the station of valuable resources.' 39. Kingdoms Forlorn. Marcin Welnicki. 1-4 players. Description: 'A dungeon delver with a focus on loot. Kingdoms Forlorn focuses on personal stories and short delves into the titular kingdoms'. 40. Sublime Dark. Tristan Hall. 1-4 players. Description: 'A cooperative storytelling horror adventure game where players must uncover secrets about the town of Blackfell'. 41. Stellaris: Legacy. Gunter Eickert. 1-4 players. Description: 'A 4X game. Design your own burgeoning, starfaring race from dozens of Trait Cards. Any type of alien civilization you can imagine, you can play!' 42. V-Commandos (reprint & expansion). Thibaud de la Touanne. 1-4 players. Description: 'A WW2 commandos co-operative stealth board game'.

43. Pocket Landship (reprint & expansion). Scott Allen Czysz. 1-2 players.

Description: 'Command a Landship to clear a sector of enemy infantry, artillery, and enemy mech and alike'.

44. Maquis (reprint & expansion). Jake Staines. 1 player.

Description: 'Engage the Nazi occupation of France in la petite guerre to throw off the yoke of the oppressors and free your homeland!'

45. Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce (reprint & expansion). Donna Ackerson, Craig Sawyer, Chris Weller. 1-5 players.

Description: 'Players must blast their way through a base full of self strategizing human and non-human enemies, as they attempt to traverse the seven nefarious levels of Dulce and escape to freedom'.

46. Luna Maris. Ricardo Amaral. 1-4 players.

Description: 'You take on the role of a coordinator in charge of the lunar operations of a big company, organizing the crew, fulfilling demands, supplying worker's necessities, improving rooms in the complex, and respecting the strict environmental parameters'.

47. Malhya: Lands of Legends. François Denis, Ludovic Rivoal, Nicolas Fuchs, Cyril Terpent. 1-5 players.

Description: 'In this great narrative adventure RPG, you will be able to enjoy a complete experience, exploring regions as well as dungeons while testing your abilities on several levels'.

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Oct 06, 2022

It's a bit late, but there is now a Prelaunch Page for Deep Shelf - KS campaign scheduled for October 18.


Jan 26, 2021

Yes, that one wasn't known yet when this post was written last year. It will be the second legacy-style game, this time aimed at experienced Aeon's End players.

Aeon's End Legacy of Gravehold will launch on KS at the end of February, maybe the beginning of March.


Theodore Richter
Theodore Richter
Jan 26, 2021

I hear that Aeon's End is having another kickstarter appearance this year. Is that correct?


Dec 16, 2020

Lots made it to my wishlist on BGG. Great list. I'm especially excited about a Maquis expansion! Woo Hoo!!!


Cadet Stimpy
Cadet Stimpy
Dec 14, 2020

Well, at least we have one happy wallet in the Forum. I wish I could say the same. I could make a New Year's Resolution to curb my game spending, but if it's as successful as previous resolutions, why bother.

I used to read Doc Savage when I was a teenager. Damn that dude was bad-ass. :^)

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