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2023 Sidequest: Let’s Get Digital

As most of you know, my brain doesn’t always work as intended. 2023 was another year where I struggled with depression and that made it hard to focus on rulebooks or even get a game I already know set up on the table. So I spent a lot of time online, hanging on the couch.

BGA profile

I’ve always played some app-versions of boardgames solo: Friday, Terraforming Mars, Elder Sign, Aeon’s End, Race for the Galaxy, One Deck Dungeon, well, lots actually. But this year I’ve started playing on Board Game Arena, adding digital multiplayer games to my routine. You can also play solo on BGA, I’ve played my favourite fillers Jump Drive and Ark Nova both hundreds of times that way. But the main attraction is turn-based multiplayer: just make your moves whenever you're online. No need to hang around for long, just check in a few times a day. I’ve played over 1,000 games that way this year, some 40 different ones.

Played games on BGA
The games I played on BGA this year

There’s something for everyone on BGA, from Can’t Stop to Anachrony, from Yahtzee to Earth. Right now I’m also playing the alpha versions of Terraforming Mars and Maracaibo, two of my favourite games.

Even though I am grateful I still got to play so many board games this way, I really hope to get playing the old fashioned way again in 2024. Those online plays are always just a way to distract myself, I don't get immersed as much as when I sit at my table. So let's get back to reality.

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