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1.000 Posts Old

At the beginning of this week we published our 1.000th post. And our website has not even been live for 100 weeks yet. Athena wrote 72% of them (yes, that's over 7 posts a week), I did 20% and Zerbique is at 8% (except he joined just a short while ago, so actually he wrote over 4 posts a week since then). A post will take two hours of research and writing on average, which makes over 20 hours a week. Huh.

Here's a breakdown:


Crowdfunding: 600 posts

Retail: 125 posts

The Ace of Spades: 9 posts

Session reports

Table Presence: 134 posts - having some overlap with

PnP Picks: 43 posts

Jokers and Fools: 13 posts


Grumpy Gamer: 49 posts

Solitaire Select: 28 posts

The Owl, The Monkey and The Bat: 30 posts

And then we had series like Shelf Expression, End Times, Home Alone and Lazy Links (archived).

Wix thinks we should hire a professional though

We also publish the news posts on our Facebook page, show what we're playing on Instagram and engage in the very lively Loners Lounge.

It's real nice to hang out with you all! We're off to another 1,000.

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